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House Fanfic Recs and the Housefic Meta Library

A source for fanfic reading and writing

House Fanfic Recs and the Housefic Hall of Fame
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House Fan Fiction Meta is set up as a place to discuss, review and recommend fan-written stories based House, M.D., which airs on FOX in the United States, currently Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern time. It is also home to The Clinic, which is designed for fic writers, to help them connect with other writers and hone their skills through discussions and writing exercises.

A word about the types of discussions that take place here. You know that in the real world there are people who don't read at all, if they can help it, people who devour pulp fiction and romance, people who love a good mystery or literary novel, and people who join book clubs and writing groups in which there are serious discussions about plot, about pacing, about themes and metaphors -- the places where even a book that's loved gets put under a critical microscope to find out exactly how it works. Housefic_Meta is that kind of a place. There are serious discussions on punctuation here. And word choice, and dialogue, and past v. present tense and reference materials. Sure you can still squee about your OTP getting together in a really hot fic and people may join you in that squee -- but don't be surprised if the squee is accompanied by a discussion on whether the sex is in character, whether it advances the plot or how it's blocked. No. Seriously. Yes, fanfic should be "fun," and most of the writers (and readers) here enjoy fanfic. They also enjoy critical discussions on fic and love finding new ways to make their fic better. The Internet is a big place, and this happens to be a small corner for people who enjoy taking fic seriously.

Most threads here are open to all comments, with a few exceptions such as informative mod posts. Comments that stray too far from the subject of thread should be used to start a new thread. "Me Too" posts are never a good idea.

All pairings, ratings and genres are welcome. Thoughtful reviews and recommendations will be treasured. Bad reviews are fine, but out and out flames will be deleted. Recs should include the author's name, story title, rating and pairing, and a few sentences about what you did or did not like about the story. If your review goes over 100 or so words (I'm not going to count them for you) please place behind an LJ cut.

If you recommend a story here, please take a moment to let the author know that you did so. We love it when authors stop by.

Interested in constructive criticism and specific feedback on a finished story? Great! Feel free to start a thread with a link and basic information about the story, particularly rating/warnings and pairings. Include any issues you had while writing it, or questions that you think readers might have. If you give the comm some hints, you're more likely to get a response. These posts should be limited to two per week in total, and be tagged consult. If there are already three discussion threads current--one for the weekly Hall of Fame nominee and two consults, please send an e-mail to the address listed above and we'll put you in the queue. You can also start a discussion thread about somebody else's story, provided that you ask the author first. If one of the mods hears that an author didn't know about a discussion, the thread will be deleted.

If you want to start one of these discussions, you might want to spend a little time reviewing a couple of previous discussion threads, such as Hall of Fame nominations, to get an idea about the level of critique. We don't want to blindside anybody. And if you ask for constructive crticism, be prepared for honest reactions.

Clear as mud? Let's move on.

General discussion threads are fine, as long as they have something to do with reading or writing House fan fiction. Rants are fine, too.

What's not fine: pimping your own stories; spoilers, art/icons/video announcements, beta requests. There are other places for that stuff. Also, posts that come in with bad, software-generated HTML will be deleted and reposted in their entirety by a mod.

Housefic_meta is the home of the House Fan Fiction Hall of Fame, with open voting and nominations. We're looking for the cream of the crop, and the more participants we have, the better.