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Namaste [userpic]
Voting: Involuntary Commitment
by Namaste (namasteyoga)
at November 12th, 2010 (08:52 am)

Just a reminder before we get to the actual voting that comments are love, folks, and the comment post on this fic can be found here

Voting will be open for about a week and is open to community members. (It's fairly easy to get a membership, just click on "join" and let me see you're a real person.)

Poll #1643670 Involuntary Commitment
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Does "Involuntary Commitment" belong in the Housefic Meta Library?

Yes, with no reservations
Yes, with some reservations
Yes, honorable mention


Posted by: Edwardo Catflappo (theonlymeyouget)
Posted at: November 13th, 2010 10:25 pm (UTC)

It's with some trepidation that I voted "no". Not because Involuntary Commitment isn't a good story, because it absolutely is. But, IMHO, that's all it is. A good story.

It didn't seem any more compelling than any of the other well-written, well-plotted House Goes to Rehab stories I've seen. Granted, the character of House will always be House, so any story that doesn't reflect his reticence to treatment wouldn't be in character, but this story seemed formulaic in that respect. I did like how House was very much in character. I can see him saying things like "Surprise" in response to "If it didn't upset you, you wouldn't be human." I've seen too many therapy/rehab fics that turn House into another character, and this story didn't do that.

My main problem with it was that the House/Wilson relationship didn't seem convincing. Admittedly slash isn't my favorite genre, but I tried to put that aside when considering this story and am satisfied with my ability to do so. I can see House and Wilson entering into a relationship to get one over on the system, and possibly even getting married. But even given that, the sexual relationship seemed forced to me. I also don't see Wilson "forcing House into a real relationship" or House allowing it.

I did enjoy reading Involuntary Commitment, and it's a great story. I just don't feel it's of the caliber that would put it into the Library.

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