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Differential Diagnosis People: Involuntary Commitment
by Namaste (namasteyoga)
at November 4th, 2010 (03:44 pm)

One more fic in this group of discussions for the Housefic Meta Library. I hope you all are enjoying discovering some new fics or re-reading some favorites as part of this process. If you'd like to make a nomination for future rounds, you can go to this thread and note it there.

Title and link: Involuntary Commitment

Author Ignaz Wisdom

Summary: House heads to rehab. Things go pretty much as well as you'd expect.

Nominated by: flywoman

Why does this fic belong in the Housefic Meta Library? This is a darker sequel to the hot and hilarious House/Wilson classic "A Modest Proposal" and takes House to rehab and back (and then back again, heh) much more believably than season six canon could.

Excerpt: It had seemed important that House know what this meant to Wilson, so on the tense drive to the rehab center that morning, Wilson had ventured a supportive, even affectionate comment.

"I know how difficult this is," he'd started.

"Screw you," House had bluntly answered from the passenger seat.

Wilson had pursed his lips and kept his eyes on the road.

House was sullen and silent the entire way to the rehab center. He was also sitting strangely, on one hip, like it hurt to sit normally, which gave Wilson a mean little twinge of pleasure. Wilson stole glances from time to time but refused to offer up any more seeds of conversation for House to quash. He didn't mind bearing the brunt of House's resentment, but he wasn't going to help the guy, so the rest of the drive passed quietly.

They'd struck a deal with the prosecutor that allowed them to choose from several accredited rehab centers in the state. The place they'd finally settled on was an hour and a half from Princeton and resembled a college campus more than a place where addicts went to detox. Even the name, Sea Harbor, sounded like a beach resort or gated community, which Wilson guessed was sort of the idea. It was easier to tell your friends and neighbors that you were going to "Sea Harbor" than to tell them you were going to drug rehab.

House hated the place, of course, but he hated it less than all the others they'd looked at; what's more, by some miracle, the staff at Sea Harbor were actually willing to accept House, even after meeting him in person. Their services seemed promising, if not a little absurd. The web site boasted over five acres of manicured green space, which Wilson found soothing and House found to be a barrier against escape akin to the San Francisco Bay surrounding Alcatraz. It also advertised equine therapy. Searching for facilities, Wilson had smirked and said, "But this place has horses"; House had thrown a book at his head. He couldn't exactly see House taking to equine therapy unless it was for the purposes of hijacking an animal and galloping back to Princeton.


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