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Namaste [userpic]
Voting: "In High Seas"
by Namaste (namasteyoga)
at October 12th, 2010 (08:14 pm)

Sorry this is a bit late. Real life, yada, yada.

This week, we're considering In High Seas by nieded. Take the time to read it over, if you haven't yet. Voting will be open for one week, and I'll post another fic for consideration by next Monday. We have two fics in the hopper at this point for upcoming discussions, "Coming to Terms" by stenveny and "Involuntary Commitment" by ignaz.

Poll #1630792 Voting: "In High Seas"
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Does "In High Seas" belong in the Housefic Meta Library?

Yes, with no reservations
Yes, with some reservations
Yes, honorable mention